Mino Sneaker White on Black
  • Mino Sneaker White on Black

    Like many “mothers,” Mino are fast on their feet and need a luxurious and wearable slip-on sneaker to give them the energy to skip around town. Mino, the Dahomey Amazon warrior women of 18th century Benin, had multiple roles in defense of their homes and family. Our modern-day Mino is a multi-tasker managing a home, career and active social calendar. With glitter trim and a custom micro-sole to cushion the miles, the pastel pink and silver Mino slip-on sneaker is a mover and shaker, traversing purposefully through errands, work, and happy hour. And when she gets home, Mino kisses her babies and wishes them sweet dreams before resting her kicks for the night. 

    • Product Details

      • Black with Textured Grey Toe Cap
      • Nappa Leather Made In Italy
      • Matte Finish
      • Glitter Trim
      • Custom Micro Sole
      • All Materials and Shoe Structure:  Made In Italy
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    $245.00Sale Price