Norie Shoe Commands you "Always Dream Big"!

Hello, everyone.  I am sitting in my home, quarantined, selfdistancing and thinking about what I want to share with my customers and the world.  I am a dreamer but, more importantly I am a dream-doer.  The dream always come 1st.  A friend asked me what was on my walls as a teen, two poems, 1) Harlem (A dream deferred) by Langston Hughes, 2) And you call me colored by Agra Gra.  I’ve always had a fascination with dreams and living dreams. 

Let’s discuss my fascination with dreams.  I believe dreams are God’s desire for your life and your opportunity to live a happy and fulfilled life.  Reflecting back on my life, I have had a multitude of love, loss, adventures, success, it’s been exciting and scary.  My advice is never defer your dreams.  Of course, make your decision based on your life situations and circumstances.  And, never forget, if you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot properly care for your loved ones.  So, what are your dreams.  I am going back to old journals, diaries, and notes, to push myself forward toward my God given desire.  My dream is to have a family, I work toward that each and every day.  What is your dream?  Do you have a dream deferred?



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