Leaving Corporate America

This is my second blog post, one fact you’ll learn about me is that I am a clear and plain talker with a side of profanity (from my military career).  Making the decision to leave corporate America and bet on myself took a lot of fucking courage or shall I say balls.

Courage I did not know I had.  Bottomline:  I knew what kind of situations, I did not what to be involved

  1. Any type of corporate structure with a boss I did respect.
  2. Working a schedule that was not conducive to my lifestyle.
  3. Playing nice against the odds in corporate America.
  4. What I miss from corporate America is the pay (of course). With my retirement pay, I was getting paid every week, it was so sweet!

 Deciding to start my own business, I was presented with my own list of unexpected challenges.

  1. Navigating the business sharks
  2. Having to convince people that you can run a business even though your history proves you are more than capable.
  3. Learning to sell, sell, sell
  4. Learning to get investors/capital
  5. Learning financial language
  6. Function in the marketing/digital media in the ocean with sharks


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