About Norie

Natasha Norie Standard is the CEO and Founder of the NORIE Shoe Company. Natasha was born in Indianapolis, IN to a pair of adventurous, caring and brave parents, and raised in a traditional Midwest home filled with love, family, sports and the arts. Her paternal grandmother showered her only granddaughter with fashion and luxury gifts, including her first issue of Vogue magazine at age twelve, which triggered her life-long love affair with fashion. 

Natasha is also a former Major in the United States Army, and led VIP missions, special operations and logistics during tours in Italy, Iraq and Germany. After completing a second graduate degree in design, she relocated to Memphis, TN to join Williams Sonoma as the Global Supply Chain Manager for their regional headquarters. But Natasha knew she wanted to pivot her life and career, and pursue her true passion in luxury footwear design and manufacturing. She decided to bet on herself.

Natasha took a bold step by traveling to Milan, Italy to study with the leading experts in footwear development and design at the prestigious Arsutoria School. After a year of honing her skills, making key connections and developing her own supply chain, she knew it was time to follow her passion and create her premier line of designer Italian shoes - the NORIE Shoe Company.

The NORIE Shoe Company designs and handcrafts beautiful, comfortable luxury shoes for women that represent wearable pieces of art. Norie Shoes help each woman to foster a sense of organic confidence, so she may “Stand On Her Power.” Each shoe pays homage to an international army of women warriors, both past and present. Natasha will debut her second collection, a Fall/Winter line at the end of September. 

Natasha completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing at Hampton University, Master of Arts at Webster University, Master of Arts at Savannah School of Art and Design, and a Professional Diploma at the Arsutoria School srl in Milan, Italy.

Natasha is a committed community servant, and has developed the Dream Chasers Foundation, to provide mentoring to high school students, ages 15-18 who are aging out of the foster care system. She is also a proud member of the Memphis chapter of The Links, Inc. and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Why Norie Shoes?

  • Each style is made for comfort never forgetting style

  • Norie is school trained to make shoes that are both stylish and comfortable

  • Innovative concepts used for comfort - patent pending

  • Norie Shoes uses a common sense approach to footwear design

  • Uncomfortable shoes is not an option

@ Norie Shoe Company we celebrate a woman's organic power through SHOES!

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